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About Us

We’re delighted to welcome you to Umi!

After 30 years traveling the world with an antiques business and falling in love with international food and flavors, we decided to embark on another adventure – a culinary one!

Having called the area home for 3 decades, it only made sense for us to open a community-centered restaurant in the heart of Winter Park. With our French and Korean roots and our common love of Japanese cuisine, Umi Japanese Fusion was born. Our interpretation of Japanese fusion combines authentic Japanese cooking with influences from flavorful global cuisines. As the world becomes more diverse, and food palates become more sophisticated, our marriage of cuisines was not only timely but overdue.

We named our restaurant Umi after the Japanese word for ocean, as we wanted to showcase the richness of the sea’s bounty. With the tides, our culinary strengths sharpen. With the waves, we discover a new flavor, a new culinary frontier.

We proudly make everything from scratch, from our house-made ginger dressing to the sauces that bring our sushi rolls to life. Fresh fish is flown in from Japan to Hawaii, Southeast Asia, to South America and beyond. Sushi not for you? We also have steak and seafood entrees available! Our culinary team works tirelessly to bring you specialty inspirations and unique dishes not found in the common Japanese restaurant.

To enhance your dining experience, the carefully selected wine list complements our cuisine’s flavors. Most of our wines have a rating of 90 and above. Alternatively, enjoy our wide range of sakes and imported beers.

As a small restaurant, we value each and every one of our guests, and we thank you for dining with us.

Susie and Francois Lorin